The Landlords of the Oceans…

You are blue at morning, red hot at evening,sometimes roar with frightening sounds like a dragon in a dungeon,sometimes be pleasant as if there is no one around….

You are so huge that your cover most of the planet earth, with a lot of species bounded across your limitless boundaries,

You have a depth of several thousand feet which murmurs “once you are in there’s no other way out”.

You’re cruel at many times when you swallow a lot of sailing ships going on your path by your gushing waves making them sink upside down.

You threaten mankind by your cruelty,causing a lot of damage and pretend the next day you don’t know anything, and people name you as tsunami “ The mother of destruction”

You’re nice at sometimes when you let your kids to play on your silky hair building castle all over the place,leaving the footprints behind so that it’s never forgotten and rest all the day until the sun sets down when on a vacation. This is what everyone expects from you than your cruelty.

So sea/ocean be kind to us so you have a lot of visitors in your arena!

Signing off



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